2. Relations to the Contractors (subcontractors, suppliers)

In the execution stage Balance supports the contractor (as principal) with

  • the implementation of the claim management and the documentation of the relevant notices of the subcontractors and suppliers in coordination with the persons involved (notices of additional costs, of hindering circumstances, of delays, of technical objections, of damages, notices to insurances),
  • the drafting of subcontractor’s contracts and the assessment of claims on the basis of the existing agreements,
  • the preparation, negotiation and follow-up of claim situations with the subcontractors and suppliers and the support of the contractor in possible levels of escalation, mediation, arbitration etc., as well with respect to contractual as to technical aspects,
  • permanent documentation and, as the case may be, controlling of the various claims with technical and monetary evaluation of the claim potential of the subcontractors and suppliers in cooperation with the project team,
  • drafting of and response to the further correspondence with the partners of the contractor.